About Tracy

My love of photography started back in high school with my first photography class. Digital cameras weren't around yet (really, I'm not that old- it just makes me sound old) so you could find me in the dark room developing photos of every living and non-living object known to man... it wasn't until many years later digital SLR cameras made their way through the market bringing a whole new level of photography and editing into the mix! What a world of difference!

I am not a studio photographer with little floral backdrops. I don't use "cheeeese" or any array of stiff poses. I am an unscripted, on-location, natural-light photographer. I create energy and inspiration from my surrounding, either shooting on-location or in your home. My main goal is to capture true personality and preserve the authenticity of who you or your child are at that moment in life.

If you feel I may be a fit for you or your child, please feel free to contact me through the "contact" section. I would love to chat.