Okay, so there's not really a contest or award for the cutest family...
but if there was, this little family would definitely be in the running!

Christmas Card Session Package!!

Welcome, Fall. It's Nice to See you Again.
(Temecula Baby & Children Photographer)

I love everything about fall; the colors, the smells, the brisk air (of course it's only brisk in the morning and evening here), the new season's fashions, anticipation for all the fun upcoming holidays... the list goes on!

This was the first session of the fall season back in the beginning of September (yes, I am behind with posting). Loving the fall feel of these pics!

Call me Gigi.
(Temecula Baby & Children Photographer)

My name is Gianna, but you can call me Gigi. I just turned one. I'm a sweetheart and I love birthday cake. I'm also really good in front of the camera. The photographer definitely liked taking pictures of my cute face. How could she not?

(Temecula Senior and Student Photographer)

Meet Gabe. A senior in high school. Plays tennis and guitar. Loves to serenade the girls. Okay, I made that last part up... or did I....